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Creating connections with a unique customer experience kit.

Customer Aspirations

Create a branded gift box for a series of VIP dinners that Ibex was going to be hosting which included higher end items inside of the box. One specific request was to include a bottle of red wine made from grapes that were grown in Texas and had been featured in a Houstonia magazine article. They also wanted the box to include foam insert with cutouts that would snuggly hold the kits contents, which were a Yeti tumbler and a stone candle in addition to the bottle of red wine.

How brandor Helped

After contacting multiple vineyards in Texas, brandor identified a partner to supply the red wine. The Yeti mug, stone candle and bottle of red wine were then encased into a foam mold and placed inside the 2-piece soft touch laminated keep sake box with inside print so that when the recipient opens the box, they can gain insight into Ibex.

Why brandor?

While there are many online options for high end gifts, it is hard to come by a strategic partner who can fulfill specific sourcing requests, oversee the manufacturing of a high-end box, and handle the kitting, fulfillment and shipping of the branded boxes across the country.


brand ambassador + strategic integration + digital renderings + mold creation + assembly + supply chain management + storage + kitting expertise + ideation




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