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Merging the cultures of 3 companies and forming a new company brand.

Customer Aspirations

Tria became a new brand when FTC (Favor Tech Consulting) merged with two other companies. FTC was already working with brandor with great success and the FTC marketing team continued their role for the new Tria. As the merger came about, their leadership wanted to create a strong and unified brand identity that would reflect their values and vision to their employees and inspire them as one new team under the Tria brand. The other two companies and their leaders did not do much with branded merch, so this created a challenge to win them on the idea of branded merch and the need for a robust, online company store program.

How brandor Helped

Our creative team worked quickly with the Tria marketing team to set up a Welcome to the new Brand Kit and create an online portal with a range of Tria branded products, where they could select 3 of their favorites. The items were kitted in a nice box with crinkle paper and a custom printed Welcome Booklet to the new brand and mailed to each person’s home. In addition to this, the Tria leadership team was soon convinced to have brandor create a full online store program which was launched with 60 products from apparel, bags, drinkware, office accessories and more, all branded with the new Tria logo, slogan and colors on a retail style webstore. The welcome kit was so successful that it was kept active for new hires as Tria kept growing. It was soon revised to one standard kit of the best picks, to streamline the process and these ship out immediately as a new hire comes on board.

Why brandor?

brandor knows the need for connecting the dots…starting with the customer’s need and understanding their pain points…to delivering a successful solution full of value…and orchestrating a happy partnership.


brand ambassador + strategic integration + digital renderings + mold creation + assembly + supply chain management + storage + kitting expertise + ideation



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