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Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic’s one-stop shop for all marketing materials.

Customer Aspirations

When brandor first met with Virgin Atlantic, the program was entirely managed internally. The marketing materials were spread across several locations – mainly office closets and back up rooms. This made it difficult to track inventory and there was little to no visibility of what was being utilized which created a number of challenges for their B2B marketing team.

How brandor Helped

brandor helped by centralizing all of the marketing materials under one roof and provided a one stop shop. The custom portal that brandor built for Virgin Atlantic included a clear navigation, real time inventory, and a smooth checkout process with cost center integration for accounting purposes. An important component of this program was how brandor shipped every order with return labels to make the return process effortless when the event concluded.

Why brandor?

brandor developed a fully customized program tailored to Virgin Atlantic’s needs, including the use of tradeshift (the procurement software used by Virgin Atlantic). brandor’s real time integration between the warehouse and the online portal gave the marketing team peace of mind


brand ambassador + strategic integration + digital renderings + mold creation + assembly + supply chain management + storage + kitting expertise + ideation



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